Caden is 1!!!

On Saturday, Caden turned 1 year old! I can't believe he has been in our lives for a year already.

He woke up at 12:15 AM on Friday night, and I sang "You Say its Your Birthday" by
the Beetles to him. Rob thought that was funny, because his mother always sang that to them on their birthdays growing up. I didn't know that. Looks like we are carrying on the tradition!

My Mom had been here for a week, and we had prepared the house for the party, bought all of the food, and the cake...YUM! Rob's Mom, sister Katie, sister-in-law Christine, grandmother Edie, and nephews Alex and Jason arrived around 2 PM on November 5. The boys were extrememly excited to have toys to play with!!!

We ended up having about 25 people at the party and 8 children. Caden was miserable at the beginning of the party, so I put him down for a nap and he slept until about 5:30 PM. When he woke up, he was starving so we decided to do the cake!

We put him in his high chair, and brought the cake out, and everyone sang Happy Birthday very loudly! Caden just stared at them, but when everyone stopped singing he burst into tears!!! Poor Baby!!!

He loved his cake, as you can tell in the picture above. Thank goodness for Oxi-Clean! I was able to get all the stains out of his outfit.

He received a lot of gifts, and we really enjoyed having all of our friends and family over to see how big he is gotten, and how special he is in our lives.