Christmas Eve:
We went over to Big Mommy's house for Christmas Eve. My work let out early at noon, and Rob had taken the day off. We came home played for awhile, and then met the rest of the family at Church for the "Children's Service." Kiersten, Kyle and Kaileigh each had a role in The Christmas Paegent. Kiersten did a wonderful job singing and led the choir well with her voice. Kaileigh quietly said her angel role, and the whole church became VERY quiet so they could hear her. Unfortunately, Rob's role during church was to take Caden outside and eventually to the nursury because Caden just would not sit still. Oh well: maybe next year.

After church, we went to Big Mommy's house for dinner. She made Italian Wedding Soup and it was wonderful!!! We also opened out presents from Big Mommy which was great. I received a lot of maternity clothes. Rob received Biscuits tickets and some Gin. Caden got a sleeping bag, a yellow Tonka truck and roller skates which he loves! Caden did well, but he was ready for bed when we got home. He did wake up a record, 7 times, and kept asking if Santa had visited! It was definitely his first Christmas where he understood what was happening!

Christmas Morning: Santa visited during the night! He brought lots of goodies for Caden, including a new doll that he could practice being sweet to! Caden absolutely loved the Diego Rescue Center that Santa brought him as well. He carries that little Diego everywhere with him. It as all but replaced Lightening McQueen.

We had a fun time playing at home in the morning. Caden had mostly candy for breakfast and after being so overwhelmed with all the new toys he had a meltdown and took a nap. We went over to Big Mommy's for dinner. She mad a roast and Christmas potatoes! My favorite. Caden did well there playing with his cousins. It was a wonderful Christmas and so nice to be with our family during the holiday!

Late Arrivals -- Zoo Lights

December -- We took Caden to the Zoo Lights around Christmas-time. He loves animals so we opted to pay the extra money to get into the zoo for an hour before-hand. They had two new babies, a rhinoceros and an elephant. The rhino was so cute. He was running around everywhere.

Caden thouroughly loved the zoo, even though we basically ran through it to be able to see most of it within the hour before zoo lights start. They put the animals up around 4:30 and some were already up when we arrived there at 4. The Elephants were standing by the door waiting to be let in!

We went on perhaps the coldest day of the month, so Caden was bundled up really well. After the zoo closed we had to wait about an hour for the train ride. We went to the little cafeteria and had a soft pretzel, and then Caden ran around in circles in the cabana for about half an hour. Santa Claus even came to get some food, and took off his red jacket to show us that he wears a white undershirt and red suspenders under his coat. Caden was thoroughly terrified of him.

The Zoo Lights were beautiful, but I didn't get any good pics of them. Caden loved it and it turned out to be a really fun night!

New Baby Boy...

So we are having a new baby boy. We found out on December 17th. Caden, Rob and my Mom went to the ultrasound appointment with me. Caden was not that interested in it, but since then every time he sees the ultrasound picture he will say "Look there's my baby brother!"

The baby was measuring about a week ahead still and my due date is somewhere between May 1st - May 10th although my OB GYN is still going with my original May 10 due date. I hope he comes early since my parents will be going on vacation at the end of May.