Christmas 2008

December 25, 2008

This was Liam's first Christmas. Caden wanted a bike, and he wanted a lot of super heroes, plus a red Power Ranger. I had to work on Christmas Eve, but we were able to leave early at 12 PM. We went over to my Mom's house, Chris, Leisa and the kids came over, and we began by opening the presents from Mom and them. We called Allison so that Kiersten and Big Daddy could read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Rowan over the phone! We had a wonderful time being all together that night!

Caden had a wonderful time opening presents, and everyone had a great time eating and singing Christmas caroles.

We went home so we could get the boys in bed. Caden went right to bed, anticipating Santa Claus' visit and all the toys and candy he would receive the next day!!! His eyes were huge when he saw the toys that Santa brought him, including his Big Boy Lightening McQueen bike and his Super Heroes. Liam also really enjoyed his Fisher Price Jungle Set. He sits and plays with it for hours!

All and all it was a wonderful Christmas! In the afternoon we went over to Big Mommy and Big Daddy's and Caden rode his bike around the circle with his cousins. They all played well, and we had a great time too!

Thanksgiving 2008

We spent Thanksgiving at Mom's house with Allison, Jeff, Rowan, Marge, Frank, Chris, Leisa and the kids. It was a nice quiet Thanksgiving. Rob made the turkey, and Mom made turfuki. At one point the turfuki went rolling off the counter and onto the floor! It actually tasted pretty good, but I really enjoyed the turkey Rob made!

Liam enjoyed a few bites of turkey, cranberries, dressing, etc. He is a very big eater!

Caden enjoyed the turkey, and that was about it!