Caden Helps Cook!

Caden loves to help cook. Usually, on the weekend, he and I will make bacon, eggs, and sometimes grits for breakfast! He loves breaking the eggs into the pan. He does a good job, and usually cracks it just enough so I can break the egg the rest of the way!

He is such a good helper.

Here are some pictures from the other day, when he and Daddy were making carrot-mashed potatoes!

A Night Without the Greene Beans

July 11, 2009
Last night, Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed a night out with friends, without the Greene Beans. Our friend G. had a surprise birthday outing for his wife K.

First, we went out to eat at The Brew Pub. There were two other couple's and K's brother there, as well, plus 2 kids. The Brew Pub brews their own beer. Rob and I are both suffering from colds this week, but we partook of a few home-brewed beers. The Blonde was nice and relaxing! For dinner, I had the sauteed crab claws, and the blackened chicken Caesar salad. It was amazing to sit in a restaurant and peacefully eat food. Usually our restaurant visits go something like this:

"Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom"

"Caden, sit down!"

"Mommy, I knocked over my drink. I need a new one! Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..."

But not last night! It was quite enjoyable, besides the stuffy nose that both Rob and I shared!

After dinner, G. surprised K. with a riverboat cruise. He had tried to get tickets for the dinner cruise, but they were completely sold out for the whole month of July. Instead, we enjoyed the patio cruise, complete with music, and they sung K. "Happy Birthday" too. Rob and I enjoyed ourselves, and the breeze on the Alabama River was fantastic.

A view of the RSA tower and the Renaissance at night.

Rob and I with the Riverboat behind us.

Liam's Walking!

July 9, 2009
It's official: Liam is walking! He has been taking a few steps here and there for the last 2 weeks, but now he walks everywhere. Last weekend we bought him new shoes. He already wears a size 6 Wide! Big BOY!

He likes his New Balance shoes, and he frequently tries to put them on his feet. He has not been successful at that yet. He also has not been successful at walking in the shoes. He can walk fine barefooted, but as soon as the shoes are put on he picks his foot up too high and falls down. It is too cute! He will learn with some more practice.


Ain't ain't a word, ain't ain't in the dictionary (although now it is!), and we ain't going to say ain't no more.

This is what I told Caden today. I think my Dad told me this when I was I young. All I know is that we weren't allowed to say ain't, and to this day that little word grates on my nerves. Something about it bothers me, and now my child is saying it all the time.

Just today we were talking about another little boy and I said "He's 4 and a half, just like you."

Caden looks me in the eye, his big blue eyes glinting and his hair curly from the humidity and says "He ain't 4 and a half."

Ughh--is it best to ignore?