Sleeping: Take Two and Look who's Walking!

Well Caden has slept through the night the last 2 nights!!! Yay for Caden. I am thankful to get a full 8 hours of sleep. He wakes up happy, but he has decided to forego his morning nap, and takes a 3 hour afternoon nap. I don't know if that is normal at this age, but it is working for us.

I think he is getting a tooth too. He constantly has his hands in his mouth again, and has been unreasonably fussy the last couple of days. That could be a combination of a bunch of things. I recently took a part time job at Old Navy, and I work both weekend days, which I think is a bit hard on him. My Mom says that he remembers when I was gone when he was little. Who knows, but he is super clingy because of it!

On other fronts, he is starting to walk more and more. Today we did Borders Story Time, and took about 12 steps towards a truck book that our friend Eskil had! He managed to wrestle it from Eskil, so I ended up buying it for him! He is so cute when he walks. He looks like a little penguin.

Things are going well with Rob and me too. Last night we watched "Hotel Rwanda" (thank you Netflix!), which was a great but depressing movie. Rob is really benefiting from me working. It is giving him more time to bond with Caden, which is great.

We are expecting my Mom this Sunday, as we prepare for Caden's 1st Halloween and 1st birthday party. Rob's Mom, sister, and nephews will also come on Saturday (November 5) morning for Caden's birthday. We'll have about 25 people here for it, and we'll probably grill out and of course have a yummy cake! I can't wait, but I'm a little sad Caden is turning 1. He has gotten big so quickly!

Caden's Words

Lately, Caden has been talking a lot. He says Ma Ma, Dada, nana (for nursing), dog, cat, down, and All Done.

His new favorite words are "All Done!" He is going through a eating strike right now, and as soon as I put him in his high chair, he says "All Done!" A lot of times he doesn't even take one bite. It is so funny!

Today, we went to the mall with our friend Danielle and our friend Kyle. We ate at Chik-Fil-A and then played in the play yard. Caden took a lot of steps without holding on. I think he is finally getting the hang of walking! It is so cute, because he takes these little tiny steps, and he doesn't look that sturdy!

This weekend, Daddy is going to watch Caden while I start training at my new part time job. That should be an adventure!!!

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Today, Rob and I took Caden to Reynolds Farm so we could pick out a pumpkin.

Reynolds Farm is in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, about thirty minutes away from us. Its a pumpkin patch, complete with a hayride, animal farm, and a playground for the kids.

Before reaching the farm, we went out to eat at Antrim Family Restaurant in Greencastle. It was very good, and Caden ate green beans for the first time in about two months, and he actually acted like he liked them. I had the fried chicken (quite in the Southern tradition), and Rob had prime rib. We had plenty of leftovers, so I didn't have to make dinner tonight.

Upon arriving at Reynolds Farm, we took pictures of Caden in front of some of the pumpkins that were set out. Unfortunately shortly after boarding the hayride, the camera died, so we didn't get any pictures of Caden actually sitting in the pumpkin patch.

Caden loved the hayride, but mostly stared at the tractor. He is enthralled with farm machinery, and I have NO clue where he gets that from. He loves this Baby Einstein "Baby MacDonald" video, and today was probably neat for him since he actually was able to see the things on the video.

He stood up on the hayride, and clutched his hand on the wooden railing while I held him, and just stared at the tractor. It was so funny. He also ate a little bit of hay.

Quickly after descending the tractor, Rob and I found the perfect pumpkin in the patch. It is long and skinny, and we are going to carve it with a very scary face. We will let Caden play in all the mushy insides too, if he wants.

After we came back from the hayride, I showed Caden the animals. They had sheep and goats that you could feed through a tube, but you couldn't touch. I was glad, because I was a little bit worried about him getting e.coli, and they didn't have any disinfecting soap on the premises.

Then, we decided to trek home, because the kiddo was ready for the nap. After everything was over, we ended up with one tall, skinny pumpkin, two little baby pumpkins, three goards, and some apple cider. The apple cider was actually from Smithsburg, MD as Rob noted on the car ride home.

All in all, it was a great day, and we'll probably start going there every year as a tradition.

Caden's Halloween Costume

Well it has been raining here for two days now, and we have gotten bored. The cold weather has come in, and it actually feels like Halloween will be here sooner than later. We haven't gotten a pumpkin yet, but the playgroup and I will go to the pumpkin patch for hay rides and pumpkin hunting this week if the rain stops.

I put Caden in his Halloween costume today. He was not too pleased as you can tell from the photo. I think he looks adorable in it, and he actually will keep the hood on his head which is a major feat.

He is battling a cold or allergies. I finally gave in and gave him some Benydryl Allergy and it seemed to clear up his runny nose. The good news is, he finally slept through the night last night. We were so excited! Then, he didn't wake up until 8 AM, and he was in the best mood ever.

Hopefully he'll have a good night tonight.

New Shoes

Now that Caden is starting to walk (although he hasn't progressed much), I decided to buy him some shoes.

We went to Stride Rite, and his foot was measured. He wears a 5 Wide, but I believe they are a little too big. That's okay with me though, because that way they will fit longer, and its not like they are falling off his feet.

They are called Baby Sven's and they are brown with one velcro strap. They look very European and are cute with his clothes. I didn't want to get him the plain white ones, although we may end up getting a pair of those later.

Now that we have the new shoes, I am just waiting for him to practice walking a little bit. We went to our friend Shawn's today, and her son who is 10 months was walking all over the place. I was a little glad that Caden wasn't walking, because at the mall Nick (Shawn's son) just wanted to get down and walk the whole time. I guess I will be in Shawn's boot soon.

Interesting thing Caden started yesterday 10/6 -- puts hand on mouth and makes noise like a Native American (or Indian). Its pretty darn cute!!! :-)

Sleep like a Baby?

Honestly--where do they come up with that phrase? Sleep like a baby...

Most babies I know don't sleep well. They either don't nap or they don't sleep through the night.

Caden has napping down great. He will take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. But most nights he wakes two to three times to nurse. I mean, come on, you're not a newborn Caden! I'm honestly at a loss for what to do. Last night he woke, and I thought I'll just let him fuss. Well an hour later he was still fussing, and he didn't stop until I nursed him.

How will I ever wean this child??? I don't know if he isn't getting enough solid food during the day. This could be the reason. He needs to eat at night because he's not getting the calories during the day. But, the kid is picky.

The two things that he will eat A LOT of, as we found out in Alabama are refried beans and rice. Refried beans, of all things, my kid likes those. Talk about dirty diapers.

Maybe I will start giving him more snacks to encourage excess calories, because honestly I'm tired of functioning on little night time sleep. I guess I could always nap with him too like I did when he was a newborn.

At this rate he'll be nursing until he is five...

Don't let the picture fool you--he probably woke up about five minutes after it was taken!

October 4, 2005

We just got back from Alabama where we visited Big Mommy and Big Daddy.

Another friend of ours was married in Macon, Georgia, hence the reason for the visit. Jon and Jenn had a beautiful wedding. The reception was great, and Jon had the coolest Groom's cake that was shaped as a suitcase. It seems like only yesterday Rob and I were getting married...

Caden loved visiting his Big Mommy and Big Daddy. He swam in the pool. He thinks he is such a big boy, and he moves his arms and his legs. He splashes and giggles. I love watching him swim. We went out and bought a little innertube for him to sit in after we had a scare with gulping down too much water. He liked being in the innertube as well.

We hit some milestones while in Montgomery...

September 30 -- Caden took 4 steps unassisted.

Of course, when he took those four steps, Caden's Momma cried. LOL. He has also started saying "Ma Ma" about as much as he says "Dada." That's great, and it makes me feel better! :-)

He is pointing at everything, and when you ask "Where is the fan?;" he will point up. Also, he will point at the Gerber baby on the baby food jar when you ask "Where is the Baby?"

I can't believe how big he is getting--its amazing.

We were also able to see Chris and the kids while we were in Alabama. Caden had a wonderful time chasing his cousins around, although the kids really wanted to pick him up all the time.
Caden has a much too independent spirit, and he doesn't like the idea of being held down!

Now we're back in Hagerstown, and getting back into the swing of things.