Caden's Idea

I was out of town all of last week, at FACTs school for work. Financial, Analysis and Credit Training. It was hard to be away from Caden, but I think every parent needs to do it sometimes. It was nice to have a break from him, but I was certainly glad to see him when I got home.

Well, I came home on Friday, and went to my Mom's house to pick him up. He greeted me with a huge smile and hug and wouldn't let go of me for about three hours. Mom and I decided to go to Panera for lunch.

We were eating at Panera. (Caden just loves their Broccoli Cheese soup) and Caden said, "Mommy I have an idea!"

I said "What kind of idea Caden?"

and he said "Its a Purple Idea." End of story. He kept saying this all day. Of course, today he changed it to "Its a Brown Idea." I have no idea where he gets these things from.

He also has really learned his A, B, Cs and his 1,2,3s. He can count all the way to 20 with little prompting. He knows when he is holding 1, 2 or 3 toys. And today, we were watching Noggin. They were talking about the letter B and Zee (the little blue bird on the cartoon) said "Can you name some things with the "bah" sound, and Caden immediately said "Bah, Bah, Brown!" He was so proud of himself.

September 1, 2007

This post is not about Caden, but I don't have another blog so I'm writing about my life here too. You all will just have to suffer through it! ;-)

This weekend one of my friends, Susan, was married to her fiancee Marshall. We went to the wedding on Saturday night. The wedding was in an old church in Wetumpka with beautiful ceilings and amazing stained glass windows. The ceremony went well and they combined the Methodist religion and the Jewish traditions in the ceremony which was really neat.

The reception was at the Civic Center. The food was wonderful and the chocolate cake was to die for! I had dinner with Ashley's parents while I waited for my friends to come from taking pictures with Susan.
Rob had a great time having a few gin and tonics. He liked the food as well, although he felt the roast beef guy was a little stingy. I told him to just go back for seconds.

Unfortunately, none of my pictures of Susan and Marshall came out. I will just have to wait to get those from Stacy. Mine were all too dark, and when I tried to lighten them the quality deteriorated. But, Susan's dress was gorgeus, and you could just see how much she and Marshall loved each other as they said their vows and had their first dance together.

The best thing about the wedding was seeing my friends again. It was amazing to see that everyone had a significant other with them. Stacy and Amir were together, and they had left their 8 week old son Ethan with Stacy's Dad and Step-Mom. I met Ashley's new boyfriend Mark who was very nice. I also met Andrea's boyfriend Sam, who was upset that Auburn was losing (even though they pulled it out by then end of the night!) I caught up with Allie and John as well, as they had come up from Louisiana.

It is great to celebrate with people that you love and you've known forever. It is great to see everyone getting married, having children, and establishing themselves in their lives. I hope that we all keep in touch like this for many more years to come.

Leslie--we missed you, but I had a great time talking to your parents!