Liam Laughs Outloud!

A BIG milestone today for Liam: He had his first big belly laugh. I wish I had gotten a video of it. I'll have to get one soon. I was doing his bedtime routine, complete with lotioning him up. I had just taken his clothes off and decided to do "The itsy bitsy spider." I made the spider climb up his tummy and tickle him under the chin and he just laughed so hard! It was so cute!

Another GREAT Milestone: Liam has been sleeping through the night for the last week! He sleeps usually between 7-9 hours. It is wonderful. I knew he had the weight to be able to do it! He continues to be a chub!

July 4th

We had a wonderful July 4th here in Hot, Hot Alabama! I had my first week back at work so only having a 4-day work week was nice.

On Friday, after work we went to the Biscuits Game. It was a lot of fun. Caden enjoyed playing on the playground and sticking his face into a funnell cake! We bought him a mini-bat, because he is so into baseball lately, and he has been playing with it all weekend! Unfortunately the Biscuits lost to the Mississippi Braves. The fireworks were nice though!

Yesterday we went to the YMCA with Leisa and the kids in the morning. Caden had a great time swimming and Rob thoroughly enjoyed the water slide. I wish I had the camera to get pics of Rob trying to race Kaileigh down the slide! Pretty funny!!!

My friend Cassidy from high school was in town, so I hung out with her and Alyson in the afternoon. I introduced them to Liam, and they both took turns holding him. He thanked them by falling asleep in their arms!

I had my first girl's night out in awhile and went out to Chili's with Alyson and Cassidy. After that we met up with Charmaine, Melissa and Cecilia at a local bar to see the Velcro Pygmies. They were great and it was a lot of fun. One of these days I'll be able to hear again!