Thanksgiving and the Following Days

So after our night of little food, we woke up on Thanksgiving early realizing that we needed to cook a little bit more for the 45 people coming. Allison had made black bottom cupcakes (my usual creation) the day before, but she and Kelsey had altered the recipe a little bit (much to my dismay! ;-)).

Allison had to make more, because all 50 that she had made the day before were gone! So, she made about 50 new ones with the correct recipe, and Kelsey made another squash casserole. Aunt Emily brought her FAMOUS squash casserole and Aunt Monica brought a wonderful corn casserole. Mom, of course, made the turkey and the ham.

While all the cooking was going on, I kept Caden enertained. He had some much fun running all over Big Mommy's house and trying to climb the stairs. He especially liked going outside to see all the trees, and occasionally going to see the horses down the street.

Someone ended up making deviled eggs, and I spoiled my appetite eating it. Caden LOVED the green bean casserole and the corn casserole and ended up eating a lot of that. Unfortunately my camera batteries died that day, so I don't have pics. :-(

Thanksgiving was great though, and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my cousins, especially playing HORSE at the end of the night.

The day after Thanksgiving, we watched a great slideshow of Grandpa and the whole Kelso family. It was very emotional for my Mom and my cousins.

Kelsey enjoyed reading to Caden "Good Night Moon" and she got a kick out of the fact that he could find the "kitty cat" in the book. He can now say "Meow" when you ask him what the kitty says too!

We had a semi-traumatic day that Friday as well. Caden fell and hit his head on the edge of a chair, and he got a very bad hemotoma. It grew and grew, and we joked that he was growing a horn! I felt bad about joking about it, but it was better than crying, right? My Dad says "Boys will be boys, and boys will fall down!" I guess its true.

The rest of the week, any time you said "head" he would grab his head. Too funny! So he has that body part down now!!!


Wow...I haven't written in a long time, and I have soo many updates.We just returned from Alabama where we went for Thanksgiving.

After Allison and Jeff picked us up from the airport on Tuesday, November 22nd we promptly went to Big Mommy and Big Daddy's house (otherwise known as my parents!) They had dinner waiting for us, and it was yummy. I love my Mom's roast.

The next day we went up to Deatsville to see my niece Kiersten, her sister Kaileigh, and their parents, Chris (my brother) and Leisa go to their awards ceremony for karate. Kaileigh (who is 5) got her Yellow Belt Junior Dragon I think. Chris and Leisa got another band for their brown belts, and Kiersten (my 9 year old niece who is pictured to the side) received her 1st degree black belt.

Caden did well sitting on my lap for part of the ceremony, but once the belts were handed out he decided he wanted one too, without all the work! He struggled to get one, but I did my work chasing him down!!!

After Kiersten received her black belt, she did a demo with the Demo Team she's a part of. It was amazing. She can kick her legs almost above her head!!! She also did a jump and broke a board! It was soo cool. She is one awesome little girl!!!

Wednesday when we arrived home, many of the relatives had arrived. My Mom's whole family came because they wanted to be together because of the recent death of my grandfather. When we got home, all the Aunts and Uncles were there and they "ooed" and "awed" over Caden. We had what was left of the red beans and rice and went to bed. Of course, Caden missed the food b/c he was too tired from his day of trying to steal black belts.