Our Trip to the Northeast

Rob and I decided to take Caden up to visit Rob's family and my sister before the next Greene Bean is born. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, they have a February break and since my sister, Rob's sister and Rob's Mom are all teachers it was the opportune time for us to go.

We flew out of Birmingham on Saturday morning. Thanks to my Mom for driving us up there. Caden was extremely excited about the plane flight. He does not remember all the traveling he did as an infant! He did very well on the airplane. I brought lots of activities such as crayons and coloring books, books, toys, food, etc. Caden kept himself busy on the first flight. He enjoyed looking at the window and only said once that he was afraid we might fall!

We stopped at BWI, and I told Caden that he had been born there! He was a mess at that point because it was around noon and we didn't have time for any food. We made the second flight, and he promptly fell asleep after whining about not being able to hold his melting Reese's peanut butter cup.

When we got to the airport, Kelsey picked us up with the girls. Caden immediately noticed the snow. He played with it even though it was icy. He was thoroughly impressed with the snow.

Caden immediately became Emma's little dog. He followed her around the whole time, did "nastics" with her (this is what he calls gymnastics), took baths with her, and they even shared a bed. We had a great time playing in the snow there. We ate a great fish meal and Kelsey and I had a great time talking and just hanging out. Plus we went shopping a few times, and I stocked up on some summer clothes for Caden and the new baby.

After spending a few days with Kelsey, Rob's brother came over and they went skiing. Kelsey drove Caden and I down to Rhode Island to visit Rob's family. We had a wonderful meal the first night of pork with all of Rob's family. Rob ended up going to band practice with his brother.

The next day we took the boys to the Bass Pro Shop--my second trip! They enjoyed looking at the fish and the stuffed animals.

Caden enjoyed playing with Alex and Jason, his older boy cousins! He LOVED their toys, especially the blocks and also Alex's little toy action Buzz. We ended up going to the Disney Store and buying one before we left, because Caden just could not give it up.

We also were able to see Rob's grandmother, Gigi, and that was great. She seemed to be doing well, and she loved seeing Caden!

We went to the Providence Children's Museum which was great. Caden loved the bones. He played with the skull and the vertebrae for awhile. He also loved filling up the trucks with these little soft rubber stones!

The last day there, they ended up having a snow storm and Caden loved playing in the snow. He didn't like it when it got into his eyes though!