St. George Island 2009

July 25, 2009

We had our annual beach trip with all of the family on July 25th this year. Things were a bit stressful, as my Grandmother Gigi was in hospice, and we didn't know whether Dad would be able to come. He decided to come down on Saturday, so he and Mom drove down together.

This year, we stayed in Casa Paradiso. It was nice, because the house had enough bedrooms for our whole famiy (which is very hard to do, as we keep growing bigger and bigger!) Rob had to stay at home for school and work, and he met us down there on Tuesday. So on Saturday, I loaded the boys up and drove to Tallahassee to pick Kelsey, Wendell, Emma and Avry up from the airport.

We ended up getting there very early, because I am a stickler for getting places on time, and Caden was SO excited about going to the beach and seeing his cousin Emma!!!

Caden with Emma

After picking them up we headed to the beach. It was just gorgeus. By the time we arrived, everyone was there except Mom and Dad. We headed down to the beach on the first day, and the boys enjoyed themselves. I made Caden wear his lifejacket, despite the fact that he is an incredible swimmer. I was worried about the undertow! Liam was a daredevil, and would walk right into the water! It was a bit scary.
Caden playing on the beach

Liam upset that I put him down!

The week went well, although my grandmother passed away on Wednesday. My Dad had left on Tuesday morning to be with her, so he was able to spend some time with her in hospice as she had wished.

We thoroughly enjoyed eating at the Blue Parrot, carrousing downtown Appalachicola with my sisters and sister-in-law, and generally just sitting on the beach and relaxing! What a great trip!!!

Me, Rob, Liam and Caden -- best group shot of all of us!

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