Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2009 was fairly busy. I let Rob sleep late, while I attended to the boys. Around 8:30, I sent Caden to wake up Rob. He didn't do it nicely by crawling into the bed and cuddling next to him, no, he decided to walk into the room and shout "DADDY, GET UP!"

After his rude awakening we gave Rob his first gift, a pencil holder with a photo of the boys on it for his desk at work. He liked it, but I think he was more excited about receiving his "real" gift later that day at Big Mommy's and Big Daddy's house.

After doing a few things around the house that morning we decided to head on over to Big Mommy's and Big Daddy's. They were excited to see Liam and Caden! Caden's cousins soon arrived, and they were in the pool almost immediately. Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera died so I didn't get any pictures of the day. Rob did his favorite things on Father's Day: 1) Grill and 2) watch the Red Sox game.

Shortly after the kids pulled themselves out of the pool, we opened presents. Not only were we celebrating Father's Day, but we celebrated Mom's birthday and Kaileigh's birthday too! After everyone opened their presents I showed Rob his gift. He was surprised that I bought him a smoker, but he was also a little disappointed that I didn't buy him the flat-screen tv he's wanting for years. There's always Christmas....

Here's a picture of Rob (and Caden) with his smoker. The thing is a monster. Rob is excited to cook with it this weekend. This morning, he said, giddily "Lauren did you know I can cook with wood in the smoker?" So exciting!!! Somehow I think a BBQ may be planned rather shortly...stay tuned.

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